What Are the Essential Accessories for Gaming on Ps4, Xbox One and Pc?

Video Gaming has become a multi-billion industry in recent a few years. According to researchers, Gamers spent more than 150 billion in 2019 and the graph is going upwards with time.

Competitive gaming is the main factor behind this rise in the industry. The increase in internet connection speed and reliability over all the world has given a boost to multiplayer gaming. Those days are gone when players used to play with computers only have different levels. These days, there are two types of multiplayer games being released. One type is called turn-based and the 2nd type is live based.

In turn-based gaming, Access is given to one player at one time, while the other players wait for their turn to do their move. a good example of turn-based gaming is Ludo that is quite popular on mobile phone apps.

While the live based gaming is very power consuming as it allows all players to share the same screen and play inside the game with each other, or the different teams. a great example would be the popular Fortnite game.

The live based gaming is quite popular among dedicated players present days. Mostly young people are playing them for the purpose of entertainment and killing their energies instead of watching movies or playing sports outside in the parks. Such games have taken the market by a storm and they demand expensive gaming hardware in order to play them.

As real people are involved in such type of gaming, the skills of them are getting better each day and each player wants to be better than other his competition. The gaming geeks are practicing to improve their brain skills to win the tournaments against other teams, the gaming accessories also play an important role. Comfortable and good gaming accessories not only promise you better gaming experience but also good health. That’s why more and more people want to own the best stuff for the sake of their gaming, and companies are improving their products each day for them too.

What are the devices to play multiplayer gaming?

Pc Gaming:

Many people would like to go for a gaming Pc because they provide endless customization. whether you want to change the look of your CPU unit or want to change the display monitor. you have unlimited options to design your Pc hardware according to your taste.

Having Pc with multiple hard drives could exponentially increase storage space, where you can store all the games that you like. you won’t be troubled by limited space. When the drive is almost full, you could spend some money to buy one more and get it added to your system. While there is a limit of storage in all other gaming consoles that can not beat the customization of the PC system.

Whether you feel like watching a movie, or listening to music while playing games you have the option to do so, you can use your same gaming Pc for other purposes too. even if you want to use it as your home work station, it can be a good investment.

As you can customize hardware according to your taste, there are very high-end graphics cards available on the market that you can use and experience eye-popping graphics with 4K resolution and a very high frame rate. The graphics customization is not possible with gaming console as they come with pre-fitted graphics cards that have limited power and you can not do anything about it.

Every year, newer games are being introduced with far better graphics so if you want to keep with them, you get the facility of upgrading your computer graphics card and it will run all the latest games.

If you want a wider view of games, you can go for having multiple monitors set up with your computer system and it will improve your gaming experience by many folds.

Gaming Consoles:

The gaming consoles give you peace of mind instead of getting involved in the complicated setup of the Pc system. you simply need to plug and play. They usually come with all wires with them, controllers to play games, and mostly a headset with them. you can operate this by connecting to your home tv the same as a blue ray player but some of the hardcore gamers might want to get specifically designed televisions for games that have better frame rate or refresh rate.

Whatever game console you buy, the other people who have the same console will have the same experience as you. you can make friends on them and chat with them also.

The dedicated designed gaming consoles will give you peace of mind instead of finding buttons on your keyboard to play games. And most of the games are still being released on gaming consoles instead of PC on a priority basis, this thing gives the gaming consoles content advantage over their counterparts.

While the gaming consoles have the same hardware, it is convenient for developers to design games according to their hardware so they are better optimized. Like this, games run more smoothly producing better graphics using less power and cost.

When it comes to cost, the gaming consoles will provide your more value of money as compared to Pc systems. You may need to spend extra money to play the same game on PC.

Dual Monitors

Having more than one monitor can drastically improve your gaming performance. Modern age gaming like call of duty, Fortnite, etc requires your sharp focus and thinking. Instead of scrolling left and right in the game through a limited size of one monitor you can double or triple your viewing by having multiple monitors. It will help you to make quicker decisions and respond immediately instead of getting worried about your left and right side. A good gaming monitor can be expensive but you can still find a list of many affordable monitors for gaming at Nvidia.

Gaming Headsets

For those people who do not want to spread noise around the house, or have a small living place and neighbors can complain about shooting sounds, etc. The solution is a gaming headset, They not only provide you the detailed sound of games you also get a microphone attached to them so you can communicate with your mates inside the game. Gaming headsets are also very comfortable to wear. Getting a new gaming headset can be pretty confusing. You can study guides to the best PS4 headphones if you play games on PS4.

If you have a gaming console from Microsoft you should buy dedicated headsets for them too. You should read guides to the best Xbox One headphones.

While for PC Gaming, any headset might work but having a dedicated gaming headset can add more thrilling sound clarity of games. we suggest you get a dedicated gaming headset for Pc too instead of simple headphones that are designed for music.

Gaming Headset Holder

A holder for headset can save plenty of space on your desktop and it can save your headset for getting broke. many types are being offered on the market. some of them sit on your desk holding headset while some can clip to the sidewall. There are even smart holders available that can charge your wireless headset while they are at rest.

Gaming Desk

Having plenty of space and the right elevation can be very helpful in your destination of getting a comfortable gaming setup. With different heights and elevations, many desks are being offered some of them might offer your larger space while some of us would like to have a small desk size. it all depends on personalization.

Gaming Chair

A gaming session can demand you hours of sitting on your chair. It is important to have a comfortable chair if you care about your health and gaming experience. Having not a good chair can result in neck problems, wrong posture, and circulation problems that might harm your gaming experience badly. Investing in a comfortable chair is very important. In the market, Plenty of chairs are available, most of them are designed specifically gamers having bright colors dedicated to them.

Gaming Keyboard

If you are not going for the gaming console route, having a keyboard specially for gaming can be a great addition to your setup. Having a good keyboard with cozy buttons can improve your playing experience by offering convenient access to control. The keyboard companies have a specific section for the gamers and they are designing these keyboard to look after the needs of a gamer by providing easy to access hotkeys so their gaming experience can be improved.


As more people have started to become a dedicated gamer, they will definitely want people to see their skills. Gaming stars have started to rise, most of them will start streaming themselves on popular destinations Twitch or Youtube Gaming. In order to start a channel on these platforms, you will need to have a good webcam. There are many monitors that come with webcams embedded inside them. They will not only save your desktop space but will also help you to minimize the wires. If you need high-quality Video Streaming than you might need to buy a dedicated webcam with higher resolution.

Microfibre Cloth

After investing so much money in your setup, you do not want to see dust particles on them. A cleaner set up will give you peace of mind and you will feel proud. Have a few sets of microfibre clothes can be helpful in the long run. Keeping your setup clean might save it from getting broken due to dust. If the dust gets stuck in cooling fans or any other sensitive part it can result in damaging your whole setup.

Your monitor screen will attract most dust, having microfibre cloth will save your screen from getting scratches as compared to cleaning with an ordinary cloth.

How To Buy Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

We understand that you don’t wanted to throw your last speaker in your pool while partying with your friends. Its not your fault that your friend threw it in water and it got drenched, and when you turned it on again, its all electronic circuit fried up.

Or no one expected that your dog will take your speaker under the wet muddy garden and it did not turn it on again. But here are the summers again and you want to start enjoy partying with your friends but you are afraid to invest more money in speakers again as you don’t want to lose your money again.

There are many Bluetooth speaker options available while going in the malls for shopping them. First and the most important thing is that these speakers should have Bluetooth connectivity and they must be portable. That’s not difficult to find as there are many choice. The 2nd thing to consider is your budget as your new speakers should be in your budget you don’t want spend your whole salary into one speaker. And third and the most important thing to keep in mind before buying Bluetooth speaker is that it should be water proof or at least water resistant.

There is a good news for you that in this post we will guide you about how you can buy the Bluetooth speakers that are water proof and which thing to look at. Bluetooth speakers comes with a water proof rating system we call this system as IPXX. Instead of X there will be numbers from 1 to 7, the more numbers the speakers will be rated, the more protection you will get against water and mudd.

If you are buying a speaker and it has rating of X only without a number that means its not water proof and water resistant. That means you should not buy it. Now lets move to the IPX1, this is the least water resistant Bluetooth speaker rating. It means you can throw a few drops of water otherwise your speaker might be at risk of frying up. The next rating is IPX2, it also means that water drops will do no harm to your speaker but its better than previous rating. Now lets move to the some serious standard number and its IPX3, this rating means you can throw a few splash of water on speaker and luckily it wont be harmed. Or you can even throw some ice splash on speakers while partying but a glass of water might be enough for damaging this speakers.

IPX4 water proofing means that this speaker can give you safety from a splash of water or water soak for only five minutes, still its not good enough for throwing the Bluetooth speakers in the water.

IPX5 is the next level water proof standard, these Bluetooth speakers wont be damaged whether you throw a jet of water on them for maximum 3 mintures.

IPX6 is the top rated water proof standard, speakers with these ratings can face a jet water splash from any direction and you can even soak them in the water for 10 minutes and there will be no harm to them.

IPX7 is one of the most demanded water proof Bluetooth speakers standard, as it gives you the complete water proofing against any kind of accidents related to your speakers. We advise you when you are looking for water proof Bluetooth speakers, you should go for IPX7. These speakers can be submerged in the water for at least 30 minutes, that’s a quite long time for an electronic device and they will keep working like a charm. But you can not submerge them more than 3 feet.

IPX8 is the last top water proof speaker, it comes with the same features of IPX7 but you can drop these speakers in deep waters for 30 minutes without worrying about losing them. They will fine after all.

Smart Speakers are new types of products available on the market. They are quite popular these days and being liked because of their powerful assistant features. if you wish to see the best ones available today, see the top smart speakers to grab.

So these were the definitions of Bluetooth speakers water proof system. Almost all the brands recognize this system, and write down the standard number on the boxes of speakers. We hope you will get your water proof Bluetooth speaker with the help of this guide.


Best Bluetooth Speakers

We understand that you want to know which is the best Bluetooth speaker that you can buy in 2019. Its obvious and selecting a Bluetooth speaker from thousands of options available in the market is very confusing task. And there is no one in the market to let you know which Bluetooth speaker will suit all your specific needs and will be good for you.

Luckily we have access to the best Bluetooth speakers in the market and we researched them are based on our own intensive and sharp standard that does not compromise on the sound quality. Definitely you can have access to a few Bluetooth speakers in the local store but its almost impossible to find the best speaker in your budget. That’s the reason after researching all of them we have prepared a wonderful and helpful list of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy in 2019, whether you want to buy these speakers for your home, or you want to buy for your travel companion. You will get all the information required to make a decision about your next Bluetooth speakers.

What size of Bluetooth speaker do you need?

In this guide, we will consider 3 types of Bluetooth speakers based on their sizes. First one is the tiny sized Bluetooth speakers that can be fitted in your pockets or smaller bags. The 2nd option in the size is mid sized Bluetooth speakers, these speakers can be easily stored in your bags while you want to listen to song outdoors. And the third and last size option for the Bluetooth speakers is the large sized. These size of speakers does not come in the portable speakers, as they are designed for homes but as compared to other speaker sizes they are very powerful in performance and produce better sound as compared to smaller size. This is the size if you are addict to music listening and you want to find something for your home use.

Before choosing a Bluetooth speaker, we want you to inform our readers its not the only the size that matters. You should also consider the following things before buying one Bluetooth speaker for your particular needs. you should keep in mind these key features of them. Following is the list

  • Sound quality
  • Build quality
  • Size
  • Battery life
  • Bonus features

Sound Quality: What is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker

This is the most asked question to us. Obviously if you are looking for a speaker it’s the main thing you care about. That how your new Bluetooth will sound. According to our research and our observation Sonos one is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker till this date.

Build Quality:

Definitely after the sounding quality people also want to buy a product that looks better. Looking is important these days and definitely its build quality does matter. If the Bluetooth speaker is made with cheap plastic and does not attract your eyes you wont want to buy it. So there are tons of speakers available in the market with different kind of matarials to made with. In this guide we will keep educating you about the build quality of each speaker we tested. But overall we think the best build quality speaker is from JBL. They put special attention to the design of speakers so consider Bluetooth speaker options from this brand in the following list.

Battery Life – Which Bluetooth Speaker Has the Longest Battery Timing

This is another important feature that you might want to consider before buying Bluetooth portable speakers. As we mentioned earlier on there are two sized speakers are portable. The first one is the tiny sized Bluetooth speakers that can be stored in your pockets. We can also call them pocket size speakers while the other option is mid sized Bluetooth speakers that can be carried outdoors in your travel bags. Both of these Bluetooth speakers are portable. So this feature should be taken seriously if you are looking for a portable speaker for your outdoor trips. The average battery life in pocket sized speakers is around 8 hours but there are very good speakers available in the market that will provide you 12 hours of battery life in this size which is a great timing for such kind of small device. While if you are looking for high performance Bluetooth speaker then you might want to consider mid size, these speakers will easily give you 20 hours of battery life but some expensive models can also give you more then 35 hours of battery life.

MINIRIG 3.0 Best Pocket Sized Bluetooth Portable Speaker:

If you want to know the best pocket sized Bluetooth speaker considering all the features we mentioned earlier, then its MINIRIG 3.0. it has very good build quality and produces very loud sound as compared to other pocket sized speakers. This size of speakers don’t  perform good on bass, but this speaker does a great job while playing a song with bass sound. This Bluetooth speaker can be linked to other Bluetooth speakers if you want to multiply the sound. And separate sub woofer can be bought to attach with this speaker and add some more vibrations to your overall music listening experience.

It comes with insane 80 hours of battery life which is quite good in terms of its size. And its build is amazing.


Another great pocket sized Bluetooth speaker to buy. This is very popular model because of its stylish look and the balance of great sound producing. It is water proof speaker that’s a great feature for the water adventure people. It comes with a range of 100 feet, so this speaker will run great even if you place music streaming device far away from it which we think is a great thing to consider.

Battery life is pretty short, it comes with a 9 hours of battery life which is little shorter then the average battery of such kind of speakers.

ANKER SOUNDCORE 2 best midsized Bluetooth speaker available in 2019

If you are serious about best Bluetooth speaker that sound great and you can compensate on the size of it then this model is great and best buck for your bang speaker. The affordable priced speaker ANKER SOUNDCORE 2 sounds better than most premium speakers it has battery life of 24 hours which is little more than average as compared to other mid sized speakers and comes with water proofing rating of ipx5 which means you wont need to worry about water or any other liquid spill while using this speakers. Sound is very loud and crystal clear there is not any kind of noise while listening music on the loud sound.