How To Buy Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

We understand that you don’t wanted to throw your last speaker in your pool while partying with your friends. Its not your fault that your friend threw it in water and it got drenched, and when you turned it on again, its all electronic circuit fried up.

Or no one expected that your dog will take your speaker under the wet muddy garden and it did not turn it on again. But here are the summers again and you want to start enjoy partying with your friends but you are afraid to invest more money in speakers again as you don’t want to lose your money again.

There are many Bluetooth speaker options available while going in the malls for shopping them. First and the most important thing is that these speakers should have Bluetooth connectivity and they must be portable. That’s not difficult to find as there are many choice. The 2nd thing to consider is your budget as your new speakers should be in your budget you don’t want spend your whole salary into one speaker. And third and the most important thing to keep in mind before buying Bluetooth speaker is that it should be water proof or at least water resistant.

There is a good news for you that in this post we will guide you about how you can buy the Bluetooth speakers that are water proof and which thing to look at. Bluetooth speakers comes with a water proof rating system we call this system as IPXX. Instead of X there will be numbers from 1 to 7, the more numbers the speakers will be rated, the more protection you will get against water and mudd.

If you are buying a speaker and it has rating of X only without a number that means its not water proof and water resistant. That means you should not buy it. Now lets move to the IPX1, this is the least water resistant Bluetooth speaker rating. It means you can throw a few drops of water otherwise your speaker might be at risk of frying up. The next rating is IPX2, it also means that water drops will do no harm to your speaker but its better than previous rating. Now lets move to the some serious standard number and its IPX3, this rating means you can throw a few splash of water on speaker and luckily it wont be harmed. Or you can even throw some ice splash on speakers while partying but a glass of water might be enough for damaging this speakers.

IPX4 water proofing means that this speaker can give you safety from a splash of water or water soak for only five minutes, still its not good enough for throwing the Bluetooth speakers in the water.

IPX5 is the next level water proof standard, these Bluetooth speakers wont be damaged whether you throw a jet of water on them for maximum 3 mintures.

IPX6 is the top rated water proof standard, speakers with these ratings can face a jet water splash from any direction and you can even soak them in the water for 10 minutes and there will be no harm to them.

IPX7 is one of the most demanded water proof Bluetooth speakers standard, as it gives you the complete water proofing against any kind of accidents related to your speakers. We advise you when you are looking for water proof Bluetooth speakers, you should go for IPX7. These speakers can be submerged in the water for at least 30 minutes, that’s a quite long time for an electronic device and they will keep working like a charm. But you can not submerge them more than 3 feet.

IPX8 is the last top water proof speaker, it comes with the same features of IPX7 but you can drop these speakers in deep waters for 30 minutes without worrying about losing them. They will fine after all.

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So these were the definitions of Bluetooth speakers water proof system. Almost all the brands recognize this system, and write down the standard number on the boxes of speakers. We hope you will get your water proof Bluetooth speaker with the help of this guide.


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